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Shell - Retail data capture

Case study

The brief

The British International Motor Show and MPH Motor Shows offer Shell a fantastic opportunity to engage with retail customers. They wanted to acquire new members to the Shell Fuel Drivers Club and thank existing members with bonus points.

Shell had been distributing paper-based membership forms at events, but needed a more efficient and effective method.

The solution

We specified rugged, PDA sized handheld computers with an embedded magnetic strip reading device. We developed a software application to capture engagement data and authorise Drivers Club memberships.

Four data capture units were deployed at each show. The PDA guides the Shell staff member through a short series of questions to categorise the engagement type, and capture client data through a postcode led process.

The process is swift and takes no more than one and a half minutes to complete the registration or bonus delivery. New members were given a registered Drivers Club card ready for use at their next fuel fill-up. Existing members had their contact details confirmed or updated and were awarded bonus points which could be claimed against fuel.

Shell benefited from a substantial increase in the number of successful engagements and a significant improvement in data quality. The fulfilment of the membership cards was simplified as the data could be transferred to the Shell CRM system electronically, rather than manually from the paper-based form.

The software also carried a short, simple opinion survey providing valuable feedback to Shell Retail business.

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