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BAE Systems
Multi-touch table

Case study

The brief

The Farnborough and Paris Airshows are flagship exhibitions for BAE Systems. They provide an opportunity to meet VIP delegations including Prime Ministers, high ranking government officials, senior armed forces staff and executive level managers from international corporations.

As a technology led company, they are continually looking for ways to engage with VIP delegations in new and exiting ways.

The solution

Working on behalf of Rapiergroup, a leading UK communications agency, we designed and developed a large, multi-touch presentation table. The table was used by presenters to promote BAE Systems broad capabilities. It uses a sliding, scalable map, and allows users to drill down to detailed product or regional presentations.

The table is best described as a huge, interactive, iPhone style interface. The presenter uses multi-touch gestures on the table surface to move, control and zoom in on multimedia elements in the presentation.

The result is a flexible, engaging and dynamic experience for the audience.

The table was launched in advance of Microsoft Surface technology and was most definitely a trailblazer in the exhibitions industry.

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