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Our approach

We try to run a pretty lean ship. Like our code, we aim to eliminate waste and promote efficiency. But we're not robots and we don't skip important things like communicating with our clients.

If you need direct access to our staff during a project, that's fine. In fact it can be essential for very technical projects. You'll always know who's got responsibility at our end. So will we - we know through experience that's how you keep projects on scope, budget and schedule.

Projects vary hugely but we always apply the
same tried and trusted process:

  1. Define - so we understand what you want and
    you understand what you're going to get
  2. Design - from both a creative and technical standpoint
  3. Build - that technical bit in the middle that we're very good at
  4. Test - could be functionality or usability, a bit of both or something else
  5. Deploy - install and activate the software on the production server
  6. Measure - we don't just walk away from completed projects, we like to know that they're working for our clients
  7. Learn - it goes without saying that we learn from everything we do, and so do our clients - that's one of the ways to get better